Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Night with HimProv (and Aunt PJ)

We invited Great Aunt PJ over to celebrate
her birthday (a wee bit belated) on Friday
night! We had dinner at the house, then
treated her to a night with HimProv,
a Christian Improvisational Group
that are out-of-this-world HILARIOUS!

AMS, inevitably, was called onto stage
with another teenaged girl to provide
sound effects to one of their bits.
(They seem to like to use her when
we go to see them for some reason -
she doesn't mind a bit.)

One of the funniest things was when
the audience had slips of paper with
phrases on them that they used sporadically
in one bit. At one point, one of them
playing a munchkin type came out and
sang to my niece's slip of paper something
about armpit hair in a wee munchkin voice.
I was beside myself hysterical!!!

We then headed back home to have
cake and ice cream, a la Hungry Girl
and Weight Watchers. Aunt PJ's
favorite cake is classic yellow with
chocolate frosting, so we made
Hungry Girl's 2-ingredient cake
(see below) paired with one
chocolate fudge bar from
Weight Watchers (1 measly point).

HG's Classic Yellow Cake

1 box Duncan Hinze classic yellow cake mix
1 cup no-sugar-added applesauce

Combine. Divide evenly into 12 cupcakes.
Cook at 350 degrees until knife inserted comes
out clean. Cool completely. Top with 1 TBSP
chocolate frosting and ENJOY!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Church Organ Field Trip

This was next to the security desk at this mega
church at which we enjoyed an our long
presentation by Mr. Bach (below) on
his grand organ (complete with Star Wars
theme!). We had a spectacular time!
This camera pic phone does not do justice
to the overwhelming amount of keyboards,
pedals, knobs, buttons, switches...
Organ players MUST be a tad bit schitzophrenic
to be able to compartmentalize &
synchronize all of it so that it comes out
so beautifully! He did a FABULOUS job!
(There is even a foot keyboard and foot knobs!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in E. TX

On the tram tour
Below: COS pretending to be a dog :)
Pretty fall foliage, right here in TX
Up close with local wildlife

We came across this wood cabin,
cool since we're studying the Prairie Primer
this year! We also saw a small waterfall,
the week we read about Pa making his
"fish trap" to catch fish coming over
a waterfall on Plum Creek!

The exquisite prairie outfit
G'ma made for COS!
Feeding catfish...
My Aunt Jo has a catfish pond
and I grew up with her feeding
her catfish. I always thought it was
so cool to watch - and she didn't
have the see-through glass, either!
Yep, it's real. It's just behind very clean glass.
Make the picture below enlarged -
it's a cool wire sculpture of an angler
catching a fish. Very cool.
Our favorite part - FISHING!
JSS caught the most with 6!

Getting some expert angler edjumacation
from this lady, who gladly taught us
several times how to remove a catfish
from our line without getting hurt.
(By "us" I really mean JSS.)

He became quite the expert
and the hero of us ladies.

Aquatic cannibalism

Below, COS trying to conjure
the nerve to remove her catfish
from her line... the end, it was big bro
to the rescue (again).

G'ma caught the biggest catch of
the day, beating COS by 1/100th
of an ounce!

Fun times!

Making a Joyful Noise

Where's Waldo time...
Can you spy JSS and COS?

Fall Festival Time

Mary Ingalls was a hit
in her beautiful prairie dress,
pinafore, bonnet and braids -
Thanks, G'ma, for the sweet duds!
JSS was a hit as the lovable Mr. Edwards!
Below, how we let the kids dress
for church on Sunday, Oct. 31.
JSS was asked by a kid,
"Are you going hunting after church
today?" Hilarious!

Hippie Chic

Peace out.