Thursday, January 27, 2011

Physical Education at It's Finest

What public school system could beat riding
bikes together to a park and then playing
together on three-level high playground
equipment in 40-degree weather?

The picture is truly worth MORE
than a thousand words.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Catch-Up Collage

Been busy "living life" lately, so I thought I would do one post as a catch-up collage. Enjoy!

In early December, JSS had a Cub Scout
Awards Ceremony. It was a very big deal for
JSS particularly as he was awarded the
WEBELOS Super Achiever Award. This means that
he has completed ALL 20 BADGES it is possible
to earn as a WEBELOS Scout!

He was also awarded the Emblem of Faith,
which he completed during the summer months
with his friend, Garrett, and both were awarded
these special badges, which go above and beyond
the normal requirements since it is optional.
(Unfortunately, Dad was out-of-town on business
and could not attend...)

(...but JSS had a whole row for a cheering section,
which included his Grandma and his very loud
and proud big brother home from college!)

He also was one of the top sellers of popcorn
this year, selling most all of it the first week!
And he was able to lead in the ceremony
by carrying the Christian flag.
Proud Mom Moment

Our church had a "Night of Carols" where
the body got together to celebrate the season
in song! Three of the four kids were in
choirs that blessed all those in attendance.
Below, Mom and Job working on Grandpa's
scarf & hat set for his birthday while waiting
for the "Night of Carols" to begin

Much to her surprise, COS was called up on stage
with her friend to help lead a song, totally unplanned.

We were invited out to East Texas the weekend
before Christmas to celebrate with family that
was going out-of-town. Below are some shots
from our watching "While You Were Sleeping,"
one of Mom's favorite holiday movies. :)
(We also geocached, which is quickly becoming
a favorite hobby of Mom's as her family gifted
her with a devise for her birthday a couple of days prior.)
Below, Job and his sweet girlfriend Sarah enjoying
the movie together. She flew to Thailand to
be with her family a few days later, as they
have served the Lord there for years.
Below are some pics from the wiener roast
at Grandma and Grandpa's house that same
night. Grandpa has constructed a most
incredible fire ring behind their house!
This isn't the first time we've gotten
to enjoy it's warmth and their hospitality.
Job (and Sarah) returned to school
on Monday, Jan. 10th. This is just
a gratuitous shot of them I wanted
to share. It was taken in November,
I think. :)

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Our first "big snow" was on January 9th.
These photos are from the day after,
our home school's "Snow Day,"
which coincided with Dad taking
Job back to college in Arkansas,
a 10-hour round trip drive that
included a couple of perilous hours
of heavy snowfall.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Chronicles - 2010

JSS woke up the house by playing
"We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
on the keyboard! He has been learning it
for about 2 months in anticipation and
he did an exceptional job!
We are truly blessed with children that are
cheerful givers! Above, JSS is watching
his big sister open the gift he made her -
yep, he hand made her gift. We have
been reading through the Little House
books and he and COS alike both loved
that the family MADE their gifts for
one another, so JSS asked early in Dec.
if he could crochet a hat and matching
scarf for AMS for Christmas. COS and I
helped him pick out the yarn ("Do girls
like animal skins?" he asked when we
picked this grey, fuzzy one. "It will look
different once it is crocheted, we promise.")
It has been a joy to see these two
grow closer this year. They are big
fans of one another!
Below, AMS opening her "big gift"
from Dad and Mom...
an antique 35mm FILM camera,
bag, film, etc. She was floored!
After having so much fun with JSS
at our house during her last visit,
G'ma decided to get a two-person
Nerf Dart game to play at home
with G'pa! Oh, to be a fly on the wall...
I love this FEELING on Christmas morning...
JSS's big eye - a gift from Aunt and Uncle,
which he wore to our Christmas movie
(Narnia's Voyage of the Dawn Treader)
so that he could see in the dark. :)
The moment JSS realized he got a fly-fishing
kit for Christmas, a hobby he has been wanting
to learn since our September camp out in Arkansas.
"Grandparent Talk"
Male bonding

The moment JSS realized that he got a
RipStick for Christmas - a gift that
EVERYONE wanted to try out!

Christmas night, we traditionally host family
and friends for a big, down home dinner.
Below, Aunt PJ is opening her Family Tree
door mat for her new apartment.
Below, Aunt Angie and sweet cousin Sara opening
one of their gifts - jewelry!
COS opening her last gift, a fun
bubble making, helicopter contraption
that quite a few of us have enjoyed!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

Happy Birthday, G'PA!