Thursday, February 10, 2011


JSS's one goal was to make a fast car.
He was a man on a mission, you might say.
He worked hours a day for a week,
doing 90% of his car completely by
himself. He has wanted a fast car for years,
but his parents sadly were unable to help
him achieve this goal. This year, however,
he focused all of his attention toward this end
from design to weight to polished bits
and pieces...and this year

JSS won "Most Patriotic Car" for his
red/white/blue fireworks inspired paint job.

JSS won 1st place for his den's race category.


JSS won 1st place in the entire PACK!!!

We didn't even know there was a trophy or
category for that last one, so when they called
him up AGAIN, he was confused and beside
himself with joy. :)

What a stellar last year...
he really went out with a bang!

Side note:
He was so reserved in his enthusiasm,
which made his parents so proud of him
considering he had many friends around him
whose cars were not performing as they'd like.
It's a difficult thing for a 10 year old boy
to curb his enthusiasm after years
of disappointment. What a great
winner JSS was! We are so proud!

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