Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Job's R.A. is totally into LOST, like Job
(and us big folk at home),
so our first look at Job's
dorm suite (and room)
was that it was in LOST theme,
complete with character assignments
for each guy living there.
Job was Walt, pictured above, and his
roommate (Karson)
is Walt's Dad, Michael. :)
He loved this!
We got there early on Friday in order
to rent his textbooks at the
bookstore before it closed.
That gave us a few hours before
official move-in could begin,
which we used to look at the campus
again, for the first time
with the other three kiddos.
AMS is ready to pack her bags
& begin JBU with
We are all enamored with the
school, but Simon and I still
marvel at how the Lord continues to verify
that this is where He
wants Job to be.
What a blessing!
Job in front of the beautiful Art Building,
where he will be able to express himself
for the next four years. :)
I love that this is the first thing you see
when you enter the Art Building and that
this school has the perspective that God
Himself was a creative being.
I just had to get a shot in front of the signage.

Waiting in the business office to pay off
his part of the bill - which left him broke.
That sounds like the normal college
experience, don't you think?
Job and his new pink hair...
we're praying the Arkansas locals will be
long suffering. He received some
hostile stares at Wal Mart
the four or five times we went
between Friday and Saturday.
His home for the next 9 months,
which is shared with another
human being. It is the size
of a walk-in closet, literally!
They lofted their beds
to about 3 feet or less from
the ceiling just to have
some floor space...no kidding.
The President said
that the students were all busy trying
to cram 200 square feet of "stuff" into
100 square feet of living
space that they were
SHARING with someone
who ALSO brought 200 square feet
of "stuff" to cram into
the same 100 square feet...

His roommate opted for behind the door
while Job is next to the window. Yeah,
it's bright. I bet it will help him be on time
for early classes. :)

Where the rug is on the floor is their ONLY
shared floor space. I was in the hall taking
the picture on my phone, which is way
less conspicuous and therefore less embarrassing
than if I'd brought my big camera.

I knew I wanted pics, but I also figured a great
many of YOU would like to see where Job is
living and share this milestone with him.

Please continue to pray for him without ceasing.

Simon & Ericka

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