Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome to Cottonwood Christian Academy

Over the summer months, the powers that be combined the academic excellence of Cottonwood Christian Home School (Grades 9-12) and SimKids Academy (Grades K-8) to create Cottonwood Christian Academy (Grades K-12).

Our school colors are blue and white. Our mascot is a loyal Australian Shepherd named Elanor. Our educational philosophy is Luke 2:52. Our banner is love.

We are already at maximum enrollment and are gearing up for a great first year under our new name.

Feel free to peek into our past at for a bit of nostalgia, but please visit us at our new location - - to see what fun in learning is to be had the Deuteronomy 6 way.

Welcome, one and all, to Cottonwood Christian Academy. The doors are officially opened.

Fine Print: We love your comments, so feel free to leave them each time you visit. :)

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