Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 4, 2011

We started celebrating our independence
in Addison, TX, on Sunday evening with
Kaboom Town's fireworks display.

Below, JSS and COS were working their
flags while belting out "The stars at night,
are big and bright (clap, clap, clap, clap)...
deep in the heart of Texas!"
They were hilarious! They also used their
American flags to wave cars past for parking,
like dogs begging for a bone they were
working for waves of acknowledgement
from passing drivers. They made the waiting
til the fireworks began VERY fun!

So did the aerial show! When the below
loop was finished, COS said, "Oh, for
breast cancer awareness."
Unfortunately, this being our first year at
Kaboom Town, we didn't know where the
best parking was to be found. Obviously,
not where we were, for ALL the fireworks
exploded behind that building, making it look
like a festive chia pet.
We got on the road early on the 4th to make it
to Granbury, TX, for their acclaimed small town
parade...and we weren't disappointed!

Toward the beginning, we even were treated
to a red/white/blue fly over!
A local a/c company was a favorite as they
blasted the spectators with cold air as
they went by...cool!
Another entrant in the parade passed out
frozen treats...another gave out oranges.
These Shriners were our favorites, though,
as they zipped past, turned and made another
round...several times.
This go-carting Shriner group even gave
hand slaps...several times.
Happily, we headed toward Dinosaur Valley
State Park in a nearby city. We had big
plans to take part in the Texas Geocache
Challenge, mountain bike, hike, fish,
grill out lunch and swim in their
famous swimming hole amongst
the dinosaur tracks.

Alas, we arrived and were greeted at the
gate by a worker stating that there was no
grilling (fire ban), no swimming, no fishing,
one of the trails was closed and have fun!

So, we headed back to town to find a restaurant,
impromptu plan B since all our lunch plans involved
a grill. Didn't find a restaurant to suite there, so
drove back to Granbury to eat at the Jalapeno Tree.

Poor Elanor...long fur coat and extreme temps made
for a difficult time, so we took shifts keeping her
company while the others ate. (You can see AMS's
hair in the window behind the kids.)
Then BACK to the State Park to explore the
dino tracks while we did our
Texas Nature Challenge there.

Some fun photo opps...

Then we got our gps out to take
part in our first Texas Geocache Challenge...
...which was dreadfully HOT. See how dry, hazy
and miserable the temps look in the below pic?

That is accurate!

Mercifully, it was hidden in the shade,
which we enjoyed for longer than necessary.

We exchanged a full water bottle for
the below bracelet, which COS got to keep.
(AMS was suffering as much as Elanor
from the heat, both of whom are in the background.)
It was soooooooo hot, that as
we walked to the car, the ground was
literally POPPING under our feet.

Upon close inspection, we noticed
that the tar was bubbling!

Below is probably my state fair
entry for this year...
When we got home, it was dark,
Job was home from work (sadly, he
had to work and couldn't join us) and we
got out our poppers. After, we headed to the
end of our street to watch an obstructed view
of some neighboring town's fireworks.
(This was the year of the obstructed view
for fireworks and us!)
Sometimes what you get is better than what you thought
you wanted. That was true this year. Nothing really
worked according to plan, but it was a memory-
making time nonetheless.

God bless America...

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