Monday, September 19, 2011

College Road Trip - Friday

Easiest shot for me to get of the sunrise,
just before it was "official"
Abigail on the balcony getting some video
blog material of the sunrise, even though
it was rising on the other side of the hotel
See our most PERFECT room up there,
the one with four chairs evenly spaced
across the balcony? Thank you,
Dad! You rocked our world!
We loved the beach ball theme!
Driving the uber narrow streets of New Orleans
looking for Jackson Square, supposedly a
family friendly area...not so much, as it turns out.
We got a kick out of the poop-catching
bag on the horses' posteriors!
Pretty Catholic church on Jackson Square
JSS's mardi gras mask
AMS's mardi gras mask
COS's mardi...well, you get it by now
Silver faced soldier crossing the street...
They were oblivious to the naked
statue of a man behind that bush.
Ignorance is bliss, right?
Putting on his face...silver was a popular color
A parting farewell...a rather HUGE, smooshed
rat near the back of our Suburban. Gross!


The kids all felt very afraid the whole time
and Chloe said she would feel safer
had Daddy been there to protect her.

Me, too!

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  1. It must be genetic - I don't care at all for N.O. either.

    Glad y'all had such a great trip. . . . !