Thursday, October 28, 2010

Art and the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

This month at the DMA Home School Workshop
we were treated to time with a truly unique
artist in that he is blind, complete with a
service dog. He talked in the galleries
about his work, how he does it, the other
senses he uses, etc. while being filmed for
the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric
(air date TBD).
Above and below:
The kids did a few exercises in the gallery
using senses other than sight which was
a very FUN exercise for all of us.

When we went back to the work shop area,
the kids were treated to a hands-on
experience in creating like the guest artist does.
A type of puffed paint is applied so that he
can "see" with his hands what he is creating.
Different agents are added to the paints so that
you can "see" what color you are using by the
texture of it (ie. flour added to white paint,
birdseed to yellow...). The kids were then
blindfolded and painted their puffed paint
pieces only using their hands (and memories
of which paint was which texture). What FUN!

The artist walked around, interacting
with the kids in the workshop.

We'll let you know when/if the footage
is to be aired. Fingers are crossed
that JSS and COS will at least be
in the peripheral shots, as this camera
guy seemed always to be around them.


  1. Wow that is so cool! (In reference to the artist.)

    Wow that is so cool! (In reference to the kids getting to experience it.)

    Wow that is so cool! (In reference to the CBS evening news camera crew!)