Monday, October 11, 2010

Fort Worth's Day in the District 2010

We began our adventure at the science
museum in Fort Worth. We experimented
with potato and lemon powered clocks...

...and steadily progressed to using tools...
...discovered a green house inside a coke
bottle-turned-lamp (super cool!)...
...and some problem-solving at this fun
station where the kids were challenged
to make a catapult that would propel a
ping pong ball up from ground level
high enough to catch with your hands.
It was FUN!

Upstairs there was some sort of cattle museum
or something...
...that included a game in which you could
try your hand at cattle ranching. COS and
I survived our first year as cattle ranchers,
then watched to see if JSS and Dad could
fare as well as we had.

Heading out from that museum to tour the others -
yes, it rained that day. :)

Forgot which museum this was, but they
had a craft for the kids where they got to
make part of a floor model of Fort Worth...

At another museum there were 4 craft stations
based on artwork displayed in the museum.
After we toured the museum, we stopped
to do them and had a great time together!

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